Samsung A21S Auto Patch SM-A217F BIT8 auto restart
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Auto Patch Firmware : 

Auto Patch Firmware Use for Fix Samsung mobile Network , its also Fix NG Status of Samsung phones, Auto patch firmware fix the mobile singles no need to install any other apps just flash phone and use Sim card,auto patch use for patch cert Samsung phones these patch firmware totally free for all Soft4gsm User and can share any where on internet,but don’t forget to give credits to the original owner ,

How To Flash Auto Patch Firmware ,

its same like Samsung official firmware you can Odin3 for flashing , phone must be bootloader unlock google it if you don’t know how to unlock Samsung phone bootloader oem must be off and Frp also in off status , put phone in download by press vol up and down while these keys pressed connect usb cable to phone your phone will be in download mod,open odin3 and Choose Files [BL+AP+CP+CSC]

Auto Call Recorder ,

by defult in some counties dont allow to add call recorder for samsung phone but we add it on this auto patch firmware folder in the main Folder i also add a tar file named Auto Call Recorder.tar File This File use for Add Auto call Recorder in Samsung Phones , with this file no data will be lost,no format no wipe data just flash using odin3

Auto Root Samsung Phones,

Samsung Rooting Many Many People search for root Samsung Latest Models , in these auto patch firmware you can also Root your Samsung phone buy just flashing the files , it will wipe your userdata so take backup before flashing these files , phone will be auto root after flash , you can reset your phone phone will be still rooted root never will be lost,

Magisk Manger For Root ,

After setup phone if you cant find magisk  manger apk on phone are your phone have blank magisk then just update it by clicking the app are install apk from google search

Download Link Here

Download Link BIT8 Here 

Video Manual Here 

File is Fully tested and Working test it and feedback on comments no more ng , can hard reset without any problem file is rooted , not lost network after restart and factory rest

Pass : inside the video , (watch video if you need pass )

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