Huawei Y7 Prime TRT-L21A Test point, COM1 Mode Remove FRP and Flashing ! BY SOFT4GSM.PK

Huawei Y7 Prime TRT-L21A Test point, COM1 Mode Remove FRP and Flashing ! BY SOFT4GSM.PK

Testpoint ,
For Latest Huawei Models We need Test point To Boot phone In COM1 Mode ,
if we not use Test point we cant repair our phone by default
Test point use for Repair Huawei phones such like FRP Remove , Huawei Id Remove
and Huawei Flashing etc, On Latest Phone We Must Need use Test point to access phone security ,

How to Remove Huawei id And FRP,
old phones and security was easy to remove Huawei id and frp using Fastboot mode but in latest security its harder day by day , the final solution is now like that ,
remove the back cover of phone and find the Test point area , use a twizer and short the Test point to phone GND , And Connect The usb cable ,
you will get a new hardware found on pc device manager , Install the Drivers , for remove
Huawei id and frp you can use different boxs and devices such like , sigma box , eft pro , chimera tool , hcu Dongle , and Some More Boxs Support These Latest Kirin,

As the picture I mentioned above you have to short these two points with twizer (or anything you want), when you short these points then connect the usb cable with phone (Note : you must have to install the Drivers on your PC),

By test point method you’ll not face any issue of the latest security and you can easily UNBRICK, Upgrade, Downgrade the handset by Flashing the Firmware and remove the Screen LOCK, Google Account (FRP) LOCK .

EDL Mod is also known Emergency Download Mod and it is the secondary bootloader on smartphones where user can Read & write any device Partition, and UNBRICK the device, Remove Screen Lock, Google Account FRP LOCK without unlocking the bootloader. to enable EDL Mod on Your Device You have to SHORT a specific point (test Point) with Ground, which you can do by following the below instructions.

There are three (3) ways to enter the phone into EDL Mode. All 3 methods can’t work on every device.

Method 1 :
You can use a special cable which is called EDL Cable to enter EDL Mod, it is the easiest method.
The EDL Cable is designed with a toggle switch to short out the correct data pins and force the phone to enter in EDL Mode
You can buy the Cable online from any site you want.

Method 2 :
If the Special EDL cable don’t work for you then you have to disassemble the phone and find the specific EDL test point.
When you short that point then connect the usb cable and your device will boot into EDL Mode.
Method 3 :
This method can only work if your phone is unlocked.
Go to settings find the build no and tap 7 time you’ll get developer option.
Go to developer option and enable USB Debugging, then open CMD and give ADB permission, then give command “adb reboot edl” , your phone will enter into EDL mod, and you can continue to UNBRICK, remove screen Lock or Google account (FRP) Lock.

As I mentioned the Photo above, you just have to open the back cover of your smartphone And find the specific point and by short that point with Ground your smartphone will enter in emergency download mode EDL.

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Test point :
After the new updates in android version and the new updates in Security we find the new Preloader mode, the normal Brom mode is locked by new security of Preloader, that’s why we can’t repair a handset with Preloader mode,
But we have the solution that we can enter into Brom mod via test point.

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