VIVO V1907-19 Aka S 1 Test point Brom Mod Enabled BY SOFT4GSM

VIVO V1907-19 Aka S1 Test point Brom Mod Enabled BY SOFT4GSM

How to force a Mediatek device into BROM mode,

One challenge you might face when using the Mediatek auth bypass is getting your device into BROM mode. This is synonymous with a detection as Mediatek USB Port. Different devices have different button combos so I’m assuming you’ve tried all but failed still.

Booting into BROM ideally

The combo varies with device model (after powering off) but combos you should consider (before then connecting to PC) are:

  1. Both volume buttons
  2. Both volume buttons + power button
  3. Volume down button only
  4. Google Home key + Volume down button (for LG)
  5. Test Point

Forcing Mediatek (MTK) devices into BROM

There’s a simple trick to achieve this using SP flash tool. Recall that the auth bypass consists of two main steps:

  1. Installing a filter using LIBUSB
  2. Disabling auth using Bypass Utility

But If All method not working then you can use TESTpoint Method To Fix your Brom mod , 

Here is Some More Solution Enabled Brom mod without Testpoint Vivo Models Video manual Here :


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